Want to Change Your Life but Don’t Know How? Try Self Coaching

If you find yourself asking the question…What now? or How do I make changes? you might want to pay attention to your inner voice.  Is your decision making hesitant? Is your path clear? Is your mission your motivator? If not, you’ll need to start there.

When your ‘big why’ is your big motivator then decision making is easier. Life is really nothing more than a series of decisions. but, decision making, especially when you have no clear goal, path or compass to lead you, can be taxing to the body, mind and soul.

Try operating as though you have blinders on. For instance, in an emergency your mind focuses on just one thing…the next thing that needs to happen! You don’t wander off wondering what to have for lunch or whether or not you should stop and tweet–NO–you just do the next thing in front of you. (True, you may not always do the best thing but you usually do the best you can.)

Creating a  sense of urgency prevents the small stuff from taking on a bigger role than it deserves.

It’s similar to getting work done before you depart on vacation. You instinctively know what absolutely must get accomplished and everything else can wait.

If you find yourself uncertain about changing your life, first look at your life purpose.  Do a little self-coaching by asking better questions of yourself. Spend some time on what value you bring to the world. If your answers are all negative ask yourself for proof. Get real. Still stuck? Get help if you can’t get honest.

Get back on your path and put your blinders on.

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