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Communicating with Yourself–The Key to Reinvention

Successful reinvention–the art of creating yourself again–is directly related to how honestly you communicate with yourself. Or in-other-words, your degree of self-awareness. How you see yourself and consequently what you tell yourself is the key to reinventing yourself again and again.

Let’s say you want to move from a corporate job to entrepreneurship  but don’t know where to begin. Does your inner conversation sound more negative than positive?  Are you communicating a message to yourself  that you probably can’t make it happen but you’ll take a stab at it anyway? Are you telling yourself you can’t leave the comfort of your job because of your responsibilities? Are you convincing yourself that you’ll do it when “things” get better? Or are you telling yourself that others have done it so you can do it too!?

Or perhaps you want  to create a successful business around your love of decorating and your jewelry business but aren’t sure how to incorporate both of these passions into a single workable concept. Is your self-awareness clouded by what others have said to you in the past? Is your inner voice convincing you that there is no way to combine these two passions? Or do you tell yourself that there is a connection between the two and you’ll get some help figuring out how to make it work?

Or maybe you are a coach but find yourself losing some passion for your coaching practice. Do you tell yourself to shoulder on and your love will come back? Or are you self-aware enough to realize that you are not practicing what you preach? Are you telling others to have fun but you’ve forgotten to have fun yourself?

The new year is the perfect time for introspection and more importantly taking a risk to step out and live the life you dream about living. Take an acting class, join a mastermind or commit to having some fun.

After all, it is your life. And it’s passing every minute. If it is not what you want take action now.

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