Speaking to Grow Your Business: Crafting Your Personal Keynote to Sell Yourself

If you want to market to your tribe and get immediate results there’s no faster way to do it than by speaking.

Think about it. By speaking directly to your right audience, providing immediate value and then enrolling them in your services and programs you’d serve a greater percent of your target market than any other marketing option.

Why? Because your market wants to hear you, see you, learn from you as directly as possible. No internet marketing campaign can match the results of speaking. Speaking includes live events, seminars, keynotes, guest speaking or teleseminars.

So what do you do if you don’t like speaking, are afraid to speak, don’t know what to say or how to say it to sell yourself? You get help of course.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

1. A clear description of your ideal client. Why? So you know where to find your audience. You don’t want to waste your time speaking to an audience that doesn’t experience the problems you solve.

2. A clear understanding of what you offer. Start a list of your products and services and then create your packages.

3. An outline of your topic options. The outcome or offerings you provide will provide you with topic ideas. In-other-words, craft your talk so it leads naturally to the offer you are making in your speech. For instance, if you provide relationship coaching your topic could be, “The Top 3 Mistakes Parents Make and Don’t Realize It.”

4. Content that provides real value. Your audience wants to hear something new, something immediately useful, something that makes them money, saves them money, saves them time, or gives them peace of mind amount something. Your talk is not a pitch. Your speech must stand on its own in terms of value.

5. A clear summary of your offer. Your offer is simply a way for people to take you home and continue the experience they had with you during your talk.

6. Practice, practice, practice. Talk and record your speech and listen to the replay. Repeat as often as you need to feel comfortable. Repeat until you have ownership of your talk.

7. Get help. Toastmasters. Accountability buddies. Coaching.

Then get out there and take imperfect action. Tell me what you think by leaving a comment below.

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