Most Requested Speaking Topics:

  • Reinvention Intervention: Retrain Your Brain So You Can Relaunch Your Life

When you are feeling stuck, bored, and frustrated it’s time for a reinvention intervention. Hear the truth about yourself so you can revive and rebirth your talents into the life you  were meant to live.

  • Misunderstood: What to Say, How to Say It and When to Shut Up (Based on Allie Casey’s book)

Gain confidence and credibility, express yourself clearly, negotiate easily, earn respect from customers, colleagues, and CEOs. Decrease misunderstandings—increase productivity and profits.

  • Communication is an Inside Game: It’s Not What You Say to Others—It’s What You Say to Yourself!

Motivational and inspiration program on becoming a champion for your own dreams. It’s not what you’re doing—it’s what you’re choosing.

Available as  45, 60, 90 minute keynotes, half-day or full day breakout sessions programs

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