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What is Hand Analysis and

Why the Heck Would You Want It?

Imagine Having the Answer to the Most Important Question You

Could ask Yourself Right at your Fingertips.

Well, You Can.

The Answer is in Literally in your Fingerprints and the

Palm of your Hand!


I’m not talking predictive palmistry…I’m talking about a scientific approach to the study of the language of your prints and palm.

Think of hand analysis as the interpretation of the messages in your hands. Just as an interpreter not only translates one language into another, but adds the nuance needed to fully grasp the meaning as it was intended,
a hand analyst translates your hand prints the same way.

Now, if you know anything about me, you know that I believe the most important conversation you can have
is with yourself. That critical conversation that forces you to questions your intentions, your self-awareness and your life purpose.

  • If you’re feeling even the slightest bit confused or unsure about your life’s work or mission as a creative, productive, self-expressed human being…you’ve come to the right place.
  • If you’ve pursued a career for years only to wake up and realize it feeds your belly but not your soul…then I
    have a solution for you.
  • If you’re thinking about starting a business, pursuing a new direction or dumping it all to do what you love…

…then hand analysis is a powerful way to answer that all important question…what’s my purpose?

Let me tell you a story. A few years ago I was really floundering, not only had both parents passed within 18 months of each other but I lost my job and that was just before Christmas. Things weren’t pretty and I knew I needed to make a BIG change. A reinvention intervention.  A serious soul searching.

Over the next 2 years I immersed myself in learning and writing. I got coaching online and offline. I read and questioned everything I knew about myself.

I did write my first book during that time and when it was done I immediately realized there was so much more I wanted to “communicate” to the world. But I just wasn’t clear about how to fit together all the pieces. In-other-words, I wanted to contribute, make a difference, do what I love and make a profit.

It was about this time that in my quest to learn “everything” that I discovered hand analysis. I had my hands analyzed and frankly, I was astounded and I was hooked. Hooked big time.

Hooked enough to invest time and money learning how to read hands so I could offer this powerful form of communication to my clients so they could get clarity around their purpose.

Hand analysis made so much sense to me as a “communicator” because it is simply  another way to relay messages. My hand messages told me what my purpose was  but maybe more importantly, what stops me and what I need to continue to learn.

What good is that? Well, let me tell you. Do you know that pattern that keeps showing up in your life again and again. That thing that is your source of fear, panic, anxiety, guilt, shame, call it what you will. And do you know
how most of the time you don’t recognize it until it’s too late…or maybe you don’t “see” it all because your thing
is denial!

Whatever your repeating pattern is, its the thing that you’re here to learn. Now, ain’t that a kick in the head.

But here’s the good news. What if you did recognize your lesson early enough so you could shift course before
you go tumbling down that rabbit hole again and find yourself in a whole lot of pain.

It’s possible if you know what to look for and you’re willing to do a little work. Yes, the work of patience,
persistence and honoring your passion is the real key to putting your lesson to work for you–instead of against you.



What Will You Learn?

You’ll learn about Life Purpose.

Seriously, wouldn’t your existence be so much easier if you knew what you were really supposed to be doing in your life? Hand Analysis will uncover your greatest talents, strengths, gifts and purpose. You’ll learn more about yourself, confirm some things you probably already know and understand why you need to be living inside your purpose. You’ll be able to focus on your strengths; you’ll feel better about yourself and live the life you were always meant to live. Who doesn’t want to know that?


You’ll learn your Life Lesson.

Your Life Lesson is that “thing” that keeps showing up in your life that thwarts your efforts…call it guilt, shame, denial, indecision, anxiety or whatever it is for you. Knowing your life lesson helps you quickly recognize it when it makes an appearance, so you can give it a nod and smile and move on. Certainly beats banging your head against the wall every time your shadow side shows up for a visit. You’ll actually be able to recognize it for what it is and get on with creating and manifesting your purpose.


You’ll learn your Life School.

School? Now, don’t panic, this isn’t a brick and mortar structure the yellow bus takes you to, but you can think of as the structure that houses your spiritual path. I’m not getting all woo-woo on you, but honestly, if you are reading this page you must believe there is a spiritual connection to all of this. That’s your school. And that info is found in your fingerprints. Think of it as your spiritual university where you learn your life lessons you’ll need to fulfill your life purpose.


What Won’t You Learn?

You won’t learn the sex of your baby, when you’ll meet the love of your life or whether to expect a surprise visit from your mother-in-law. In-other-words, hand analysis is not predictive. It’s a repeatable system to help you learn more about yourself in the present. You’ll gain insights about your behaviors over time, but you have the will to make a choice in every moment.

Whether you are reinventing yourself or simply curious to know more about what makes you tick, hand analysis will help you focus on your natural talents so you can live the life you were always meant to live.

After my hand analysis session with Allie, my whole life changed! Immediately I stopped taking things personally because I knew I was doing my purpose. I have more energy and fun than I have ever had. I no longer flit from thing to thing because Allie showed me how everything fits together! I can’t thank you enough!” ~ Kathleen Blakeney, Lifestyle Specialist

How Does It Work?

1.     Make a decision and then place your order by clicking the button below. Enter each order separately.

2.      Fill in all the necessary information and I’ll mail you a hand printing kit.

3.      Follow the enclosed instructions.

4.      Mail the prints back to my office.

5.      My office contacts you to set up a phone consultation – no need to leave home.

6.      A report is emailed to you prior to our session so you can be prepared to ask questions.

7.      The session is recorded and I’ll forward the MP3 to download so you can listen when you like.

8.      That’s it. If you are ready to get started click the link below.


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