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Allie Casey

Allie Casey

Allie Casey writes business books for successful entrepreneurs who want to get their message
into print but don’t know where to begin, don’t like to write or don’t have the time.

The author of Misunderstood! The Fast Guide to Communicating at Work—What to Say, How to Say It
and When to Shut Up
, Allie brings her skill as a communicator to her ghostwriting. What this means
to you is a writer that listens to your story, your message and your voice with a practiced ear–
you feel heard and your book is born.

What makes Allie different? Allie is just 1 out of 44 writers worldwide who is certified through Lynne Klippel’s Ghostwriting Academy.  This means she knows how to write your book AND how to write a book that builds your business.

Allie’s eclectic background includes careers in fashion, image consulting, sales management and entrepreneurship. A professional speaker and coach, Allie draws upon experiences from a wide swath of industries and organizations including finance, education, government, healthcare, manufacturing and the military.

She has written books, newsletters, web copy, training programs, presentations and articles about cosmetics, skin care, home furnishings and interior design as well as management and communication skills.

Allie has written and presented live seminars, teleseminars and webinars helping busy professionals create business talks and presentations that sell their services and serve their audience.

Allie is an author, scribe, copywriter and New Yorker who happens to reside in Florida.

Contact Info:
You can chat with Allie about your writing project at 407.313.4967