Undercover Scribe

If you are a speaker, sales trainer or service provider that yearns
to get your message into a book but just can’t find the time to write,
don’t like to write or simply don’t know where to begin…

my writing services may be for you!

Allie Casey Undercover Scribe

Allie Casey
Undercover Scribe

Experienced business professionals are successful because they spend time doing what they do
best and delegate the rest. How about you? Has that book idea of yours been on your to-do list so long it
occupies a permanent spot? (Makes you feel a little guilty, doesn’t it?)

Isn’t it time you delegated the work so it isn’t stealing energy from your true brilliance? (And, yes,
finally cross it off your list. Ahh… feels better already.)

I’m a Certified Business Ghostwriter and what that means to you is I have the skills
to write what you need, in your voice, in a professional manner AND I have been trained specifically
to write a book that will build your business.

Let me say that again…A Book That Builds Your Business and/or Gets You More Bookings!

That’s the whole idea behind this book thing isn’t it?  That’s why I wrote my book. Yes, yes…to help others communicate better, but I can’t do that unless I have a bigger audience/tribe/community. Got it?

With my background in speaking, communication skills, sales and marketing, you can feel confident I will bring out your best and position your book to increase your business, get you more bookings and get you in front of your market.

Wouldn't you want a book like this one? Call me!

Wouldn’t you want a book like this one? Call me!

How do I do this?

Collaborative authorship...that’s how. Your voice, your content, your ideas but I compose it so that your audience gets it. I’m blessed with the skill to take complex ideas and make them easy to understand.

Not quite ready for a book? Consider a shorter ebook or a booklet that benefits your target market and positions you as an authority. Or perhaps you need sales copy or content for your website that highlights your services.

I write exactly what you need and no one need be the wiser.

You get all the glory! (I’m the ghost–remember.)

Maybe you’ve started your non-fiction book but can’t move it along. Let’s collaborate to get  your book completed or let me coach you through the process.

Isn’t it time your book is working for you instead of taking up space in your computer or your head?

So if time is your challenge, or you don’t know where to start, or you’d rather speak than write, you no longer have an excuse.

You’re a phone call away from more business, higher visibility, and increased profits!

I hear you thinking…but hesitating. Stop right there and let’s schedule a chat. A short 15-20 minutes of conversation
to see if we make a good fit.

Just answer a few questions and then we can set up a time to discuss your project. You want answers to those two critical questions–time and money–don’t you?

Use this contact form. It’s easy…and it just may change your life and your business. Imagine how great you’ll feel.

Go ahead. Do it.  Or, simply pick up the phone and call me. I’m your Undercover Scribe!  407.313.4967