Author J. K. Maze Shares About Her Next Book Project on Day 5 of Her Virtural Book

Author J. K. Maze

A fellow writer from The Working Writer’s Club, J.K. Maze, shares what new projects are in the works. This prolific mystery writer has no plans to slow down. (Oh, and don’t miss Joan’s special contest details at the bottom of this post!)

J. K. says…Considering the number of books and genres I have planned, I think I’d better live to be 100 – or more.

 At any rate, I plan on having Murder by Spook finished and ready for the publisher by sometime this summer. The first draft is finished and ready for revisions. I will then begin the fourth book in the series, Murder by the Yard, which is about football, of which I know very little. Obviously, I’ll have to do a lot of research.

 Murder by Spook, by the way, doesn’t involve ghosts, but is about spies. Ironically, I got the idea from a Halloween ad, mentally changing ghost to spook, which is the slang for spy.

Murder for Kicks…Just one of J.K. Maze’s Many Books

Another book on the docket is a paranormal romance/thriller. Widow’s Walk is also a time travel set in Northern Minnesota. This is more than half finished, but is one that requires a lot of research.

 I’ve also begun another series (on the shelf right now) about a young woman P.I. who finds herself in 1945 and having to work without all the modern conveniences. This is set in Chicago in the neighborhood where I grew up and I excited about this book and anxious to get back to it.

  I’ve also started a YA Steampunk set in Chicago in 1872, shortly after the fire of 1871. This involves both dragons, good and bad, as well as vampires. The protagonist will have a device that allows her to freeze time for everybody but herself. Real handy if a bad dragon or vampire is about to attack.

 My time travel historical set in Scotland’s Isle of Orkney has its first draft completed, but requires a great deal of work to finish. I discovered a Viking/Scotland connection in my family when taking a class and I’m quite anxious to get back to this book as well.

 After I finish the books listed above, I will return to the first draft of another series and do the necessary revisions. This one is about a young woman who wants to get into the police academy. However, her involvement in solving murder mysteries delays this process. The name of this first book in the series is Deadly Bouquet.

 Last, but not least, is The Hierophant. This is a police procedural/thriller that I’ve finished and is in the hands of both the police chief who was my tech advisor, and the editor I’ve hired. This is also the first in a series, and I have plans for the second, The Mercenary.

 Because I get so many ideas, I have other books planned, but it will be quite a while before I get to them. In the meantime, I’m enjoying myself immensely.

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Murder By Mistake, book 1 in the Mollie Fenwick Mystery Series, available in paperback from Amazon

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Murder By Spook, book 3 in the Mollie Fenwick Mystery Series, in progress

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