What’s Next for Professional Speaker & Author L. Diane Wolfe as She Wraps Up Her Virtual Book Tour

Author & Speaker L. Diane Wolfe

My current project is one I should ha’ve begun years ago – a written version of my Publishing 101 & 102 seminars. Those seminars are my most popular and attendees have often asked if I had book covering the topic. Using my original seminar titles, the book is called How to Publish & Promote Your Book Now!

From my extensive notes, it was easy to compose an outline and begin writing. I’ve enjoyed being able to go into greater detail all of the aspects of publishing and promoting a book. I’ve broken the chapters down into short, easy to follow segments, covering every aspect of my seminars. Each chapter also includes website links to more information, examples, and items an author needs.

Since there is far more presented in the book than during my seminars, I had to do additional research. The industry is changing so fast now with eBooks that I know I will be making last minute edits up to the very end. I hope to be able to update the eBook version every few months and offer it free to those who’ have already purchased either the print or eBook copy.

There are already many excellent books on the market, but I do believe mine will have a unique niche. Most books focus on either publishing or promoting while mine will cover both topics. It will also be aimed at entry-level writers, giving them the basics without overwhelming. And it will be an excellent source of further study for those who attend my seminars.

With the assistance of my Dragon Naturally Speaking software, I am currently in the final stages of editing. Look for How to Publish & Promote Your Book Now! by the end of the year.

About L. Diane Wolfe
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Known as “Spunk On A Stick,” Wolfe is a member of the NSA and a motivational speaker. “Overcoming Obstacles With SPUNK!The Keys to Leadership & Goal-Setting”, ties all of her goal-setting and leadership seminar’s information together into one complete, enthusiastic package. She also conducts seminars on book publishing and promoting, and assists writers through her author services. Her YA series, The Circle of Friends, features morally grounded, positive stories that appeal to both teens and concerned parents. Wolfe travels extensively for media interviews and speaking engagements, maintains a dozen websites & blogs, and contributes to several other sites and newsletters.




Non-fiction/Self-help, Dancing Lemur Press, L.L.C.

$13.95 Print ISBN 978-0-9816210-2-9

$1.99 EBook ISBN 978-0-9827139-2-1

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