How to Get More Clients? Speak to Sell Your Services

Ask any creative entrepreneur, small biz owner, healer, coach or solo service provider what they need the most and the answer will always be–more clients. Ask what they need other than that and few will answer “speaking opportunities.”

Too bad.

Speaking opportunities is the fastest way to new clients.

Why? Leverage. Speak once to many.

Maybe you’re thinking, “isn’t that what advertising is suppose to do?” In a way yes.

But giving a talk with a powerful, valuable message in a visceral way will shorten the time frame from connection to client.

Why? The “you get me” and “I know you” factors.

Think about it. Unless your copy is so powerful, so on target, so in the moment it normally takes several exposures to connect with your intended market. Several more exposures before they think, “this person understands me.”

But speaking shortens the time frame because your audience can see you, experience you, hear you, and even ask questions in real time. Try that with advertising.

Get out there and start speaking. Business, social and networking groups are always looking for speakers.

Need help crafting your talk? Click here.

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