Curious about Coaching But Afraid of What Might Happen?

I believe in coaching.

I’ve sought out coaching in every phase of my life. I think back to one of my very first coaches (when I was in my twenties)  and can’t believe I actually did what she wanted me to do to get a raise. **

But I did it. Not only did I get a raise and a new title — I also got a car. I got a car when no one in my position got a car. 

AND…I got the car I wanted, a sporty convertible, simply because I asked.

That wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t gotten coached.

Good coaches make you do the things you probably don’t want to do, so you can be successful.

So really…there’s no reason not to give it a try.

That’s why I just created the “30 Minute Mentor” program. For people just like you.

Entrepreneurs, authors, service-based small biz owners, solo-preneurs, healers and other coaches.

We all need coaching.

We need it for clarity; to get perspective on a decision, to learn more about ourselves, to get answers  to specific questions and for personal and professional development.

So what stops you?

Is it the fear that you’ll be sold into a long term program? The choice is always yours. I may solve the issue you have in a 30 minute session. Sometimes it’s all you need. A checkup of sorts. And then there are times you’ll desire more. But that’s your choice to make.

Is it the fear that you won’t click with the coach? Another reason I created the “30 Minute Mentor” so we can see if we mesh should you decide to work with me in another program.

Is it fear that you’ll be asked tough questions you won’t want to answer? A good coach will ask questions–how else will he or she be able to help you. Conversations with me are always confidential.

Is it fear that you won’t want to or won’t be able to do what’s asked of you? Really? Sometimes a nudge (or a no-nonsense strong request) to take action is exactly why you needed coaching…or did you forget?

Stop the fear. Take action. Realize that action conquers fear and join me in the “30 Minute Mentor” program. 30 Minutes of coaching not selling.

I’m sure you’re wrestling with a challenge…let me help.  Go to “30 Minute Mentor now!

30 minutes of coaching no pitching. No kidding.

** She wanted me to take a cut-out of a star and hand it to my boss and say “I hope you’ll think of me when you see this star!” Yikes! I promise I won’t make you do that. But, on-the-other-hand it did work.

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