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Are You a Creative Entrepreneur, Empty-Nester, Burned-Out Boomer
or a Corporate Refugee?

Who Wants to Create a New Life for Yourself–

One That Lets You Live Your Life Purpose and Profit?

Then it’s Time for a Reinvention Intervention!

Be honest…

Do you have that sick feeling in your heart because you know you’re suppose to be helping people but you’re just too burned out to deal with one more needy person?

Do you want to express yourself as an artist or creative individual but still don’t believe you can make a living doing what you love?

Are you too afraid to even think about it making a change because the thought feels overwhelming or you’re worried about what others will say?

Do you ever say to yourself, “why can’t I…

Just create and not have to worry about justifying myself to others?

Feel confident enough to create a life doing what I love and not let others’ negativity stop me?

Make a decision so I can move forward without going around in circles?

Get out of my own way and just get clear on my purpose in life?

You deserve to live the life you were meant to live…and it’s not too late.

But maybe you’ve lost sight of your passions, talents or dreams or they’ve gotten lost in marketing, administration or because you’ve spread yourself too thin.

Maybe you have packed them away, buried them under years of working “to make a living”,or simply forgotten “who you really are.”

Listen, I’ve been there–confused, lost, foggy about my future.

And, I’ve reinvented myself time and again starting from my last day in high school right up to three years ago when I was forced to do it again after losing my job, just 20 days after my dad died (exactly 18 months after my mom) and 6 days before Christmas.

It was time again for another Reinvention Intervention.

This time, however, I took the time to connect to my soul, my purpose and my heart. I wanted to express my creative sensibilities through writing, speaking and coaching while honoring my purpose. So I gave myself the time—yes, time—to get quiet and listen rather than hide in busyness.

You too, may be feeling a creative brain drain, financial troubles, or just stalled but you’ve finally realized it’s time to create a life that honors you while still being profitable.

Maybe you are living your creative dreams but find your business is flagging, your passion is fading and you need to revive your mission and relaunch your creative life.

That’s what I did and that’s what I want to do for you.

I want to thank Allie for helping me see that not only is it okay to pursue my passion–it is    essential to my own well being. With her coaching I now have confidence in seeing my dream to help suppressed women around the globe share their stories on the front pages of major newspapers everywhere come true. ~ April Scarlett, 

The key to reinvention is ensuring you are living in your purpose and having a plan that works for you.

I’ve discovered that the single biggest issue creative biz people have is a lack of confidence and support not a lack of talent.

  • Maybe you hold back selling yourself because it’s “safer.
  • Maybe you fail to market yourself because it doesn’t feel right.
  • Maybe confidence is your biggest stumbling block.
  • Maybe you “know” you’re almost on purpose but something feels off.

Allie has helped me a great deal! The Reinvention Intervention helped me realign my Goals and really work out a lot of things. She also helped me prepare for my Interview for my current Interim Position where I am continuing to use her advice in positioning for permanent placement!! If you have not sat down with Allie yet, you are missing an opportunity of a lifetime.
All my Thanks and Gratitude to yo Allie!  Respectfully, Michelle E. Dodge

What if you could repair your doubts and build your confidence to talk about yourself in an honest and authentic way?

What if you could rehab and revitalize that dream, giving it time to blossom and heal so you can launch on a strong foundation?

What if you could rebirth your creative talents with a simple plan that’s doable?

Imagine starting your own business, project, or new life direction without hesitation, doubt or paralyzing fear.

And what if you could have key confidence boosters you could access just when you need it?

Here’s the truthyou can!

Just as I learned how to speak from the stage you can learn to have the confidence to express yourself and create a life that incorporates your essence.

Imagine…what life can be like when your natural confidence is unleashed.

The “Reinvention Intervention” came at a time when I just lost a job, needed to quickly get back on my feet, build back up my self confidence and peruse my next employment opportunity. Through this intervention, Allie provided the tools to help me focus on my passions, overcome my doubts and plan the next steps to a career that had everything to do with “who I really am and what do I love to do”. I landed an awesome marketing position within 2 months.  ~ Mary Olsen, Orlando, FL

You’ll see dramatic improvements in your creative abilities and your possibilities for your future.

My greatest challenge was being stuck in the everyday life obstacles. In this program, Allie was attentive to each individual’s particular personality and needs, desires and insights as well as the group’s needs as a whole. She helped to move me beyond my initial response or feelings. She left a lasting impression and showed me how to change my perception.What has changed for me since working with Allie in the Reinvention Intervention program is that I know there are possibilities for my life and I need to focus on that. ~ Dale, Maitland, FL

You’ll become contagiously inspirational and unstoppable.

If you are hiding the truth, burying your head in the sand and refusing to plan for the next phase of your life – then helping you create your plan and boosting your confidence is your Key to Success!

What if you could…

•Feel empowered and thrilled about yourself and your purpose.

•Start a new business, switch careers, make a living without a job or plan a
way to give back and have fun doing it.

•Change the way others see you–-yes, you have lots of control of this.

•Speak passionately and purposefully about your message, your mission or
your vision for yourself.

•Feel rooted in your purpose without guilt.

•Tap into your all your natural talents to market and sell yourself.

And…Create a plan with your next steps all laid out.

…wouldn’t that change your outlook and approach to

your life and your creative business?

And what would happen if along with a new vision for yourself you also had your own
road map so you could relaunch your new life now?

Probably everything would change and open up and transform and well, everything…right?

After working with Allie, my whole life changed! Immediately I stopped taking things personally because I knew I was doing my purpose. I have more energy and fun than I have ever had. I no longer flit from thing to thing because Allie showed me how everything fits together! I can’t thank you enough!” ~ Kathleen Blakeney, Lifestyle Specialist


Let Me be a Champion for Your Dreams!

Join Me in My Signature Program-

Reinvention Intervention:
5 Really Smart and Simple Steps to Relaunch Your Life


We are all creative and if you are not using your talents you run the risk of living
rather than on-purpose.

Confidence starts with your inner conversation.

Let me help you make yours a powerful and positive conversation using these…


5 Smart and Simple Steps for Relaunching Your Life–

WEEK 1 – REVIVE and resuscitate your dreams and identify your purpose. This first week is spent delving deep into how you feel about the things you love to do. We’ll dig deep if we have to so we can shake the dust off of talents you forgot you even had. We’re going to unearth what makes you feel alive and use that as the basis for creating and relaunching your new life.

You’ll discover the lost, buried or latent talents that hold the key to creating your plan.

You’ll learn how to distinguish between acquired skills and the natural talents that make you grin and your heart skip a beat.

You’ll regain that perfect harmony between head and heart and discover
that your creative talents are still alive.

WEEK 2 – REPAIR self-doubt and clarify your goals and must do actions. Self sabotage is the big bugaboo we want to pretend doesn’t exist. It does! So let’s address why you get stuck and why you might not believe you can live a life you love that honors your purpose. We’re going to clean out the wound and fix your faulty thinking once and for all.

Mend faulty thinking and bolster your confidence.

Fix the broken tapes running in your head and learn new inner conversations.

Heal erroneous messages you’ve received over the years and create new thinking patterns.


WEEK 3 – REHAB and master the “little voice” that keeps you from timely decision making. Rehab is like physical therapy…you exercise your mended parts and little by little you’re as good as new. We’re going to exercise your confidence and give you tools to help you when your confidence begins to waver. Confidence is the first thing people notice about you…you can’t relaunch your life without it!

Heal the communication goblins that hinder your growth and learn
powerful outer communication techniques.

This week is all about confidence mastery – so you can get up and
leap into your new life and business.

Learn to leap outside your comfort zone and achieve what you want!


WEEK 4 – REBIRTH your true mission and purpose on this earth. This is a very exciting week as we help you imagine your future and help you step into it with a plan. You’re going to be very surprised at how this week unfolds. We have a very powerful exercise planned that will ensure you are taking the right path.

Create a chart for your success with next steps defined–no matter if you’re looking to create a new business, revamp the biz you have, plan for retirement or you plan to change careers.

Launch your new plan–the one you envisioned.

What’s a plan without support? Your plan will include a list of everyone you need to support your new goals.

WEEK 5 – REJOICE as you step into the life you were meant to live.

Imagine what it would be like to not be afraid to ask for what your worth while providing a creative service or product to your market?

“I believe that the most important conversation you can have is the one you have with yourself. Changing your inner conversation will automatically change your outer communication. Doing so will change your life and change the world. If you are feeling frustrated about your life, your future, or your purpose on this earth I can help!”

What I do is help you see your brilliance, capture your talents and guide you to
create a map
with your plan laid out so you can begin to live the life you’ve been afraid to
talk about.

Successful people know the importance of seeking guidance early before things get out-of-hand…What?! you say things are already out of hand…if so then it’s time now- to invest in yourself!

And…I’ve made it super simple for you to get started. You owe it to yourself and those
you serve!

This Program is for You if:

You are in a career transition and you’re unsure about pursuing the same path
or you still don’t know what you want to be when you grow up!

You are a creative entrepreneur who loves your work but have lost your
edge, passion or mojo!

You are in a corporate job and feeling trapped in a culture that doesn’t support your creativity.

You are a creative woman facing a new phase in life and you want to use it for an
opportunity to grow but you just don’t know where to begin!

You believe there is more to life but you just can’t access it!



5 Really Smart Steps for Relaunching Your Life Telecourse

Length of the Workshop
This teleseminar series meets one hour every week for 4 weeks (4- 75-Minute Calls)

SPECIAL BONUS: I’m giving you one FREE  Q& A call to answer your questions
and rejoice in your relaunch!


  • These calls are offered live over the telephone.
  • You will receive weekly handouts in a PDF format to use during the course.
  • This program is interactive when possible with actionable steps you can put to use immediately.
  • You will receive information that will support you in knowing yourself-your values, your strengths, passions and purpose.
  • Small group format allows time for interaction.


  • Replays and downloads of all the calls so you can listen again (even if you can’t make the live calls.) .
  • Supportive environment to encourage your transformation.
  • A map you create to guide you in your journey.


Time:  4:00 PM Eastern (NY)/ 1:00 PM Pacific

Dates: To Be Announced

Where: The convenience of your phone

Investment :Only $297   WAIT – NOW ONLY $97


 But wait…there really is more–as if you needed another reason!


Unlimited email access to me during the 5 week program and all for one price.


Bonus #2

I’m tossing in my 60 Minute Power-Packed Teleseminar – 6 Steps for Moving from Contention to Common Ground” for FREE. Don’t bother listening to this program unless you’re willing to “hear” yourself differently. You’re in for some surprises. $27 Value

Big Bonus #3

**Be one of the first 11 people to join me and you’ll receive a “Life Purpose” report using a Scientific Hand Analysis. Do you want to “know” your life purpose so you don’t continue to bank your head against the wall? Now’s your opportunity. Knowing this information changed my life and it will change yours, for sure! This is more than a $49 Value alone!

Don’t wait, these  spots will go fast.

Go ahead–Do it now–Your Business and Your Life are at stake.

A gift for inspiring others, Allie’s sincere, honest and fun style makes her a natural coach.

~ Terri Levine, The Guru of Coaching

As I see it you have 3 options:

Option #1: Do nothing. And continue living a state of frustration and uncertainty. Or continue doing what you’re doing and hope for a different outcome. Good luck with that.

Option #2: Try to do it on your own. That’s what I did until I gave myself a good smack upside the head and got the help I needed. I spent lots of time and money trying to figure out the answers to my questions, but I found out I wasn’t even asking the right questions. On my own didn’t work for me, so take advantage of my mistakes.

Option#3. Join me now…really, if not now–when?

I really urge you to make the decision today so you can focus your energy on creating the future you want rather than worrying about that nagging feeling that keeps you stuck.

To your success,


P.S. Just $97..I have to ask you, are you really willing to continue living off your purpose? For how much longer?  Join us for the next program.



For More Information Contact Allie at 407-313-4967 or Ask Your Question on the Contact Page