Coaching FAQs

Wondering If Coaching Is Right for You?

It might be if you:

• Want to focus more on changing future behavior. Coaching is about taking strides forward to reach goals.

• Want to reinvent and relaunch your life.

Want to get unstuck, find your passion again so you can help others in a big way.

• Want to market your business through public speaking but don’t know where to start.

• Want to find your own voice and uncover the message you are suppose to bring to the world.



Q: How do you help people through coaching?

A: I assist you with communication challenges even if you don’t consider your challenge a communication problem! Some of the issues my clients get resolution for include (and are not limited to):

• Increasing your confidence and self-esteem through developing communication skills. This may include finding your voice, constructing a speech to sell yourself, developing powerful self-talk, learning what to say in specific workplace situations.

• Enhancing sales and interpersonal skills.

• Finding and reigniting your passion – reinvention.

Accountability for reaching your goals–big goals or weekly tasks.

Increasing your sales and attracting new clients by learning what to say and how to say it.

• Decreasing misunderstandings and increasing productivity and profits.

Uncovering your special gifts and turning them into marketable services.

Q: What is your coaching specialty or the client areas you most often work in?

A: My coaching specialty focuses on Communication, Connection and Confidence building with a focus on helping you discover your unique talents, abilities and skills and turning them into marketable products & services.

• If you are a creative entrepreneurs I can help you craft a talk they love to give that adds value to your audience so you can market and sell your services with confidence and ease.

• If you are engaged in an MLM product or system and you want an additional format for presenting a talk that provides real value that doesn’t sound like a sales pitch…I can help.

If you are employed in a job you love, but want to connect better with the C-level suite I can help you with confidence building, presentation skills and the mind set needed to move ahead.

Q: What specialized skills or experience do you bring to your coaching?

A: As well as my specific training and hundreds of coaching, speaking and training hours, I am intuitive, passionate, and purposeful. I am devoted to helping you create pathways into a life you wish to create. I see my role as a guide, teacher, facilitator– an outside perspective that is here to serve, support, nurture and challenge you in your growth to being all you choose to be.

I am a professional accredited coach through Fowler Wainwright. I am the author of Misunderstood! The Fast Guide to Communicating at Work–What to Say, How to Say It and When to Shut Up.

My expertise as a speaker and international seminar leader includes speaking to a broad cross-section of industries and organizations including: finance, education, government, healthcare, manufacturing and the military.

My in-the-trenches experience includes work as an award-winning sales manager with a major home furnishings company. I have been coached by top coaches and always have a personal coach as well as numerous mentors. I hold a degree in merchandising and certifications in corporate image consulting, business etiquette, leading seminars and entrepreneurship.

Q: What is your specific process for coaching? (How sessions are conducted, frequency, etc.)

A: Coaching can be conducted a number of ways. The most effective includes:
* Intensive Sessions (VIP programs: full and half day, virtual or in-person)
* Telephone coaching session on a monthly basis – usually 3- 6 months (most popular)
* Telecourses: Such as the  Speak Serve Prosper course
* Live 1-3 Day Seminars and Workshops

For example:

Telephone Coaching: 3 – 40 Minute sessions a month (30 day periods) with one “Off” or self-coaching week.
Each session/program is tailored to your needs based on the pre-call coaching form.

Throughout your journey we will openly discuss your progress, ensuring we are on track for your goals.

Q: What can I expect as a client?

A: The coaching process allows you to learn new ways of communicating with yourself and those around you. You will reconnect and realign yourself to know internally who you are, what you want and where you’re going. A strategy session determines whether we are a fit and which coaching format would work the best for you.

Q: What is the process?

A: We begin with a Breakthrough Session to determine if we are a fit.  I will ask you for examples of the problem and other questions to discover what is preventing you from moving ahead. I will also probe to discover the source of the problem – the precipitating event(s). This is not a free coaching session though you will get coaching as needed on the call. Most clients remark that this session helped them to look at their situation (story) in a whole new way and were thrilled with the results.

Q: What happens after the session?

A: Depending upon the type of program we decide is best I may ask for more information. I may also assign you some very specific tasks to do. If assigned these tasks, they are absolutely, a fundamental part of the coaching session. They may take up to several days or weeks to complete. The tasks are directly related to the circumstances that created the problem. YOU MUST DO THEM. If you do not, then neither you nor we can predict the outcome of the coaching. Certainly, any guarantees will not be valid if you do not do the tasking.

The second thing that is important is that you will need to stubbornly focus of what you want.  YOU MUST FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT and TAKE ACTION and this may mean you need to enforce your boundaries.

Q: What is my responsibility and commitment should I become a coaching client?

A: During our session(s), I will offer you guidance and other ways of looking at your problems and its solutions for your consideration, you hereby agree that whatever we discuss is only our perspective and is not binding upon you, nor is it a prescription.

It is your responsibility to confirm whether or not any changes we made produced the desired results. It is your responsibility to communicate your results to me. It is important for momentum in your coaching journey that sessions are initially scheduled on a weekly basis for a minimum of one month, though 3-6 months is recommended to see results. Your commitment throughout this program is what will make the difference for you. For you to create the change you want, you must be prepared to challenge some of your old concepts of who you are, what you are capable of and what you stand for.

Q. So, how I know coaching will be right for me?

I suggest a Free Breakthrough Session. The Business Breakthrough Session focuses on whether or not I can help you and to determine if we are a fit. To schedule your   Breakthrough session click here. (Click 30 Minute Mentor to learn more about this special program.)

This is about you! Your journey. Your life. Your outcomes.

 Contact Allie today and move forward tomorrow!