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“I help you– executive, service professional or entrepreneur–communicate with confidence so you can converse with anyone, build business relationships, speak to audiences with ease so you can  grow your business!”


Allie Casey

Why? Because I was an extremely shy kid. So shy I had a teacher say to me on my last day in high school, “I’m going to make you speak today because you’ve been in my class for a year and I don’t know what your voice sounds like.’

Yikes! Talk about a wake-up call.  So I did something about it…I just never thought I would end up becoming a professional speaker or coach others to step into the spotlight. If I can do it so can you. Let me help.

 What makes Allie different?

 Allie is the author of Misunderstood! The Fast Guide to Communicating at Work—What to Say, How to Say It and When to Shut Up and a contributing author to The Gratitude Project -365 Days of Gratitude.

Not just talk, Allie brings in-the-trenches experience and expertise to her programs. Years of practical application–business ownership, management, speaking  and training – adds matter-of-fact depth to her knowledge.

Allie was top-ranked international trainer for one of the world’s leading seminar companies specializing in communication and management topics.

No stranger to adversity, she weaves humor and insight from her life into stories that connect with her audiences.

A fun, insightful, audience-centered speaker and facilitator Allie brings the best out of everyone. Clients and audiences appreciate her direct, engaging, and energetic style.

Allie’s expertise with diverse audiences earns her rave review for a wide spectrum of business professionals. She has spoken to a broad cross-section of industries and organizations including: finance, education, government, healthcare, manufacturing and the military.

Allie has been featured in the media and appeared on The Balancing Act (airing on Lifetime TV).  She holds a degree in Merchandising and Certifications in Corporate Image Consulting, Business Etiquette, Seminar Training and Entrepreneurship.

Allie is a New Yorker who happens to resides in Orlando, FL.  She can be reached at 407-313-4967.

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