A Persuasive Speech Outline to Gain Customers and Increase Your Cash Flow

If you are a small business owner, a non-professional sales person or even an entrepreneur looking for investors, having a strong persuasive speech in your back pocket is critical to your marketing mix.

Huh? What’s that? If that’s what you’re thinking then listen closely. The fastest way to increase your cash flow and gain new clients (or investors)  is by speaking to your ideal market.

Now wait. Don’t run yet. It’s not as difficult as you think and it can be learned.

If you spend any time at all networking and you are not also the featured speaker you are missing a huge opportunity. You can spend time connecting one-to-one (recommended for building relationships) or you can speak one-to-many and really leverage your time.

You might have even learned how to construct a persuasive speech outline some time in your school years. If so the outline that follows might look vaguely familiar.

Here’s what a persuasive or as I call it your “personal keynote” outline must contain:

    • A really WOW opening. Lose the “good afternoon” or “my name is” or ” so glad to be here” opening. Frankly–no one cares.


    • Tell them who you are. Keep it  brief (more to come later) and tell them quickly what you’re talking about.


    • Acknowledge your audience. Most people leave this part out, but it shows support and helps people remember why they came to hear you speak.


    • Use a compelling title. Stay with me here. This is the moment to transition into solid, valuable content. Remember, you just woke your audience up and reminded them why they came to your talk. So tell them the title and exactly what you’ll cover as well  as a transition point for how to take action.


    • Tell your story. Yes, your story. Why are you standing there speaking to them. What emotional connection can you make with your audience? This point is so critical that if you fail to make this connection you’ll likely fail to persuade anyone to follow you anywhere.  Be a bit vulnerable. What was a turning point in your life and what did you do to overcome it that now has you standing in front of your audience. People are starved for connection. And, yes, people buy with emotions. This is also the time to include your credentials, but avoid reciting your resume. Weave your expertise in rather than list them like groceries.


    • Now provide some real meat. This is what they came to get. Yes, of course, you’ve been providing value all the way along (haven’t you?) but this is the body of your talk. Illustrate it well with stories, case studies and why each point is important.


    • Round it up with a review because few people can remember point one let alone the last sentence you spoke. Make it easy.


    • Remember that earlier transition option? Well, even if you don’t know is the time to take them on the path to action.


    • State exactly what you  want them to do. Sign up, give you money, enroll in a course, whatever. Keep it simple.


    • Use a bit of urgency, reward action takers  and encourage those sitting on the fence.


That’s it! Go back and lay in your content. Then practice until it hurts. Out loud. Now go give your talk and increase your cash flow. Let me know how it goes.

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