4 Types of Public Speakers: Where Do You Fit In?

(Today”s post is from Daphne Bousquet, CMP, who helps entrepreneurs grow their business with workshops. Read more below. I love this article because it really addresses the issue I see so frequently…especially the “donor.” While Daphne helps you put on your seminar I help you craft the talk that you a “Transformer.” Read on.)

There are 2 models of speaking at seminars and events, for free and for a fee.  And sometimes they will both be used at the same event.  And although there are only 2 models of speaking, there are 4 types of public speakers And no, this is not based on whether you like public speaking or not. This is based on the style of speaking.

Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers deliver motivational speeches at events, meetings and seminars.  They get paid for their work and they do not make any offers. Yes, they do present valuable information, but it is generally more motivational, rather than training. As a keynote speaker, it is your job toinspire and entertain your audience with stories and teaching points.


These are speakers that sell from the platform.  Although there is nothing wrong with selling from the stage, Pitchers tell stories, entertain you (sometimes) and give you a big sales pitch. If you want to actually learn something valuable, you have to buy their product.  Yuck!  I hate those kinds of speakers.  They just tease…


The Pitchers actually gave rise to the donors.  Donors are speakers that deliver tremendous value in their presentations.  However, they are so afraid to come off as Pitchers, that they do not make an offer at all.  They pretty much are donating their time to the group, but are not growing their business, even though they think they are.

And that makes me sad. Because that means that they are leaving those attendees who may be ready for more, hanging.   They can’t take the next step and since the audience usually doesn’t know what the next step is, they won’t ask for it either.  You don’t know what you don’t know, right?


Transformers are speakers that deliver tremendous value, really teach something and make an offer. Those are the gems!  Even if their audience doesn’t take the Transformer up on their offer, they will have learned something that could transform their life or business.

The key is that they make an offer. That does not mean they make a sales pitch.  There is a big difference in making a sales pitch and giving the people who are listening to you theopportunity to take the next step if they wish.

That is why I think it is vital to make an offer, even if it is just an offer to allow you to stay in touch with them.  After, all at some events, you are not allowed to sell.  And when that happens, give.  Do a drawing for one of your products or give away an ebook and a subscription to your newsletter in exchange for a survey or feedback form. That way you can stay in touch with them and give them the next step after the seminar.

So which style are you? Do you get paid for your speaking gigs up front, or in the back of the room?  Or do you get paid at all…?
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