3 Keys to Successful Talks that Sell You and Your Services – Don’t Make these Mistakes

Okay, I’ve ranted (albeit nicely) about this before but I’m compelled to do it again.


Because I just witnessed it again…that’s why.

What am I talking about? Small business owners who give talks at networking events to showcase their talents but fail to grab the audience’s attention.

Maybe this is my movement…helping entrepreneurs become powerful, effective speakers so they can serve more people!

Many small biz owners tell me they are fine speaking one-to-one with others during networking events…and that’s a great skill to have. But imagine how much more effective they could be speaking to their ideal market …one-to-many?

Certainly would leverage what they tell me they do well.

Certainly would increase their reach.

Certainly would increase their public profile.

Certainly would get them more clients.

So why isn’t this happening?

Well, I get all kinds of answers…err…excuses.

“I need to establish a relationship first, before I can offer my service.

” “I’m not a good public speaker.”

“My business has to be explained in a sit down meeting.”

” I don’t know what to say to a group of people.”

And the excuses or…rather…the fears go on and on.

Stop please! If you love what you do you can speak about it in a way that serves an audience of more than one. You can give real value and useful, applicable information in a powerful, heartfelt way AND you can make an offer to your audience that serves their need to know more.

Did that happen at today’s networking event? Nope!

Here’s why the speaker today failed to hit the mark and what you need to do to be a successful speaker.

1. Couldn’t be heard. Granted, the room has terrible acoustics for anyone to be heard but that’s an excuse. If we can’t hear you, of if we have to strain to figure out what you are saying…you’ve lost us. We won’t answer your questions, we won’t engage and frankly, we’re going to be annoyed!

What to Do: If you’re in a room with poor acoustics ask the person in the furthest corner if they can hear you clearly and easily. If not, increase your volume by speaking deeply from your belly not your throat. Then ask that person to be your CVO–Chief Volume Officer. Have them give you a thumbs up should your volume drop too low at any time during your talk.  Be sure to pay attention for that signal!

2. Topic too vague or general to be really valuable to the audience. Go deep or go home. Give me some concrete how-to’s I have not considered before. Give me an inside look. I don’t expect you to give it all away (really you can’t but that’s another story) but give me a take-away I can implement or that truly gets me thinking differently–that works too!

What to Do: Take one small part of your topic and give us an in-depth learning.  For example: if you are a sales trainer, give me the 5 or 7 specific elements that must be included in a sales presentation. Or, if you are a CPA give me 10 overlooked deductions entrepreneurs fail to claim.  The key is to be very specific and useful rather broad and general unless you are giving an outline for your system.

3. No offer to learn more! Really, what’s the point of show casing your business when we have no way to continue the relationship.

What to Do: If you’ve done your job with items 1 & 2, then making an offer is a natural conclusion. (Yes, you must enroll your audience from the beginning.) Hand out your offering (if appropriate) and go through it in depth emphasizing the benefits of your service. If you can’t make a direct offer…then give us a gift. Collect names, get permission and give us a link to free training, free videos, free reports,  or free forms or templates.

That’s what you do.

I know you’ve heard me say all this before…but frankly, you need to hear it again.

Why? Because I love you…you passionate service-based small biz owners and I want you to succeed!

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That’s my thoughts…what do you think? Leave me your comments.


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